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1. Leadership Coaching for Students
2. Speaking Events 
3. Group Workshops

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Leadership is defined as the process of influencing others toward a common vision. Outcomes are the results that leaders create. Why are students frustrated because they cannot create a positive outcome? They are putting so much energy into activities, but they are not moving the needle of change. It’s like watching them dig a ditch with a spoon. I observe the pain these students are experiencing and watch them fail repeatedly and began asking more questions. Why do high school leaders come to college and fail at producing positive outcomes? Why do so many student leaders hate group projects and working in teams? Why is it so many leaders feel like they can’t make the changes they desire in their life, in their school, and in their community?  

I provide you with knowledge to become an INSPIRED leader. INSPIRED leaders have the leadership literacy and tools to create positive outcomes. Like a gourmet chef using all the ingredients to produce a five-star meal, INSPIRED leaders use leadership literacy as a tool to produce positive outcomes. As a vice president in corporate organizations, as an executive director of a nonprofit organization, and as a professor, I have been practicing leadership for over 30 years and teaching it for over 15 years. Over the decades, I refined that knowledge into eight pillars of effective leadership, as illustrated below, and will introduce them to you in a framework to help you be an INSPIRED leader. The INSPIRED Leadership Framework is informed by many leadership theories, and by data collected from observing and surveying thousands of student leader over the years.

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