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Leadership Training

Holland Consulting Group teaches leadership training to large and small organizations. Developing a tailored educational program that can enhance efficiencies, effectiveness, and motivation among teams. Focusing on leadership styles, relationship and task development, strengths identification, vision and mission development, and additional leadership concepts, Holland Consulting Group using a practice-based approach employing  case studies, self-assessments, observational actions, and reflective practices to support leadership growth and development. 

Organizational and Program Evaluation 

Holland Consulting Group conducts organizational and program evaluation. Conducting formative and summative evaluation has been a primary function of our organization. From developing strategic plans to measure inputs, outputs, and outcomes, Holland Consulting Group has helped clients achieve goals and objectives that have lasting impacts. 

Grant Writing 

Holland Consulting Group works with organizations from all sectors to assist with securing grant funds. Utilizing a  team of experts from various fields, Holland Consulting Group has been associated with securing over $3 million in public, private, and nonprofit grants. In addition to developing grant applications, Holland Consulting Group provides project management strategies and executes grant implementation plans.

Policy Analysis

With expertise in various policy areas, Holland Consulting Group uses systematic methodologies to analyze the causes of public problems and what effects they have on the local, regional, and national environments. Using scientific, professional, or political approaches to problem analysis, Holland Consulting Group constructs and assesses objective alternatives with developed evaluation frameworks to draw measureable conclusions and action-based recommendations. 

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